I fished with Andre & Dane once again today, but had to settle on another lake when we saw the 25 to 30-knot winds on Memphremagog. Thank god we have options around here! Instead of fishing for bass we decided to try our luck at trout & salmon again. The air temps were in the low 40’s and the winds were from the N/NE at an incredible speed. The water dropped once again to about 42 degrees in the warmest areas. We had a light drizzle that never let up all day! It took a while before the first fish came to the net and another one followed shortly after. Before we knew it, there were two salmon in the livewell! By the end of the day, there were three lake trout added to the livewell as well. It was a tough bite, but under the conditions we were dealt, I think we did well. I can’t wait for warmer weather!!!