I’d like to take this time to wish everyone a very “Happy New Year” with lots of health and success for the coming season.

Although the coming months may be cold and dreary in the confinements of our homes, they don’t necessarily have to be. Some folks travel to warmer destinations in search of summertime sun, I take a different approach.

Large Anadromous Rainbow Trout known as Steelhead have been readily caught by both myself and clients in the last month. Average size has been at least ten pounds with some going into the mid teens and above. The largest so far has been a giant 19.25 pound Skamania Steelhead that is now in the process of being mounted by the angler responsible for landing such a trophy.

Most days see an average of about ten hook ups with some even greater. Mother nature dictates how the fishing will be with fluctuating temperatures and foul weather. I try to time the fishing trips around nicer weather averaging nearer the freezing mark as this makes it more comfortable for both the anglers and the fish as well.

Fishing for these trout throughout the winter months shortens the long awaited season that we all anticipate. It allows a break during the monotonous cold period when most stay indoors glued to the sports channels. For those of you that Ski and Snowmobile, this cold weather and fresh air can add to your winter activities list. For those of you that don’t, give it a try, you won’t be disappointed. Plenty of choice dates are still available, give me a call.

Tight Lines to all!