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    • Ice Fishing Ban on Minnows

      Several years back, the use of live minnows was disallowed for summertime fishing here in Quebec. Now the Quebec Ministry has decided to pull the plug on using live minnows during the winter months as well. This new rule is said to be coming into effect April 2017 for the… Read More →

    • Recon Mission

      Despite the lack of posts recently, I have been on the hard water plenty! Last week saw a mix of new panfish spots scouted, with success. Over the weekend, family day had me out again on probably the nicest day ever spent on the ice. Hard to believe it’s only February!… Read More →

    • An Active Fishing Day

      Kurt & his wife Jenny picked a perfect day to fish today! Although they booked a couple of weeks back, their timing was bang on. The temps began single digits f but felt a whole lot warmer without any wind and the gloves were off too! Flags were set but only one quality… Read More →