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    • UK Firsts (part 2)

      Neville & I were right back at it once again today, hoping for a repeat of yesterday. There was definitely more traffic on the lake this morning and more wind as well. An early troll was cut short as the water color wasn’t cutting it for me. Although we did manage to… Read More →

    • UK Firsts

      Neville hooked up with me today for two days of fishing, all the way from England. We hit the water in overcast skies that soon gave way to a non stop drizzle, but we didn’t care. The big fish were biting and that was all that mattered! He had never landed… Read More →

    • Waiting Out The Weather

      What a start to the morning! A 7:00 meet time turned into a 10:00 departure as electricity & I don’t mix! Neil & his son Ben also concurred and we decided to let it pass before heading out on the lake. The danger may have been over but it left behind some pretty… Read More →