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    • The Land Down Under

      I had the pleasure of fishing with a couple of Sheila’s from down under today. Magali & her friend Amy were in Montreal and wanted to catch some Canadian fish. I was about to make their wish come true! We headed out shortly after 7:00 in a NE wind that… Read More →

    • Getting It Done

      Another trip to the Raisin River yesterday ended with a trim switch and relay replacement after an issue on the water. The trim had been acting up lately and today it just stayed on, in the up position, leaving me to work on it while on the water. I managed… Read More →

    • The Fog Bowl

      Rochelle & her husband Doug joined me this morning for a half day of fishing. We met at 7:30 and headed out in the fog! Visibility was good enough to get where we needed, but it got thicker afterwards. At one point it became so thick that we couldn’t see… Read More →