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Joey and his 3 daughters joined me today for what was supposed to be a half day outing. We left the dock before noon and it immediately started to drizzle. As soon as I arrived at our location, I raised the roof to try and keep them all dry. A light wind out of the east had us practically anchored so the drifts wouldn’t be easy. All 4 of them had little to no fishing experience and a complete instruction was required. I had Joey casting a jig and his daughters on drop shot rigs, with the top limiting their casting.

It took a little while for them to get use to the equipment, but eventually Joey hooked into a nice walleye. This was his first one ever and I dropped it in the well for them to take home later. Not long after, June hooked into another walleye and a picture was needed before placing it in the well with the other one. Joey also had a couple more chances, but unfortunately failed to keep the fish pinned.

The rain had increased some and the winds had switched to the south, causing everyone to be getting a little wet. It didn’t help that some of them were fishing from the open part of the boat and not under the top! I had to supply a little rain gear as the girls were also beginning to get cold from being wet and talk of calling the day was already going around.

With the winds picking up, the drifts were quicker and I was making more moves back, more often. With each return, the girls were getting colder & colder and I knew it was only a matter of time before they would call it. The next drift saw a couple more fish landed as well as some missed. I could see that the winds had fired up the fish and expected more action, but they were just about done! We made one last drift and landed a couple more walleye before packing it up and returning to the dock. Our half day trip had been cut in half again due to the miserable conditions. Joey and his girls had seen enough!

After bringing down the top and packing everything up, I ran back in the fog to take out. Of course once the boat was on the trailer, the rain stopped! I could also see way off in the distance, sunshine was on its way. I’m sure that if they hadn’t been so wet & cold that we would have returned to continue fishing. Unfortunately that was not the case and they were done! They also didn’t want to take the walleye home with them and the girls released one each at the dock. I guess it was their lucky day! Despite the short outing, everyone had a good time fishing for their first time. Although there weren’t loads of fish landed, it wasn’t too bad for the two hours we fished! Mother Nature didn’t completely win today!