I was on the water today with Darren for a little more smallmouth bass action. The weather was a little better than the last couple of days with cooler air of 70 degrees and overcast skies. Winds were non-existent and the water temps were around 45 degrees. We wasted no time getting into fish, fishing deep water of 25 to 40 feet and hooking up consistently. Unfortunately, these were smaller fish than I wanted and the largest would have gone slightly above 3 pounds. We jumped around to several areas doing the same thing, catching in every place we stopped and even managed to get a few walleye for Darren to take home for dinner. It wasn’t until late in the afternoon when we finally started to catch some quality and Darren hooked fish up to 5 pounds in one area. He also had a few that were over 4 pounds along with some smaller 3 pounders to add to the catch. There were probably 40 or so fish landed today in a variety of areas from 3 feet all the way to over 40 feet deep. I can’t wait for the water to cool off a little more and start to concentrate the bass in larger volumes. Overall, it was a pretty good day!!