Darren, his brother Mark & their friend Dave were with me for a couple of days and looking to catch just about anything. We began a little later than usual and headed out about 8:30 in search of big fish. We were going to try for sturgeon, if the anchor would hold. Fortunately once we arrived, the winds weren’t too bad and it wasn’t a problem. I set the lines and the wait began. Several hours later and many moves too, all we had to show for our efforts was one small sturgeon. Although there was plenty of action with fish banging into the lines, none of them were real bites. We unanimously decided to head elsewhere and go for bass & walleye.

The winds had intensified as we stopped in the area and I set the electric motor on anchor to prep their rods. Love the new Motor Guide! Dave managed to get into a nice bass almost immediately but despite several other bites, that’s all she wrote! Both Darren & Mark had hits as well but the fish weren’t getting stuck. We made one other move nearby with similar results and pulled out completely afterwards. Time to switch gears completely!

I made a long run in 2 & 3 footers and hit a deeper shoal in hopes that we could salvage the day. This was apparently the right decision as we remained here for the balance of the day. Everyone caught fish and some of them were even brought back for dinner. Several over slot walleye were released along with a bunch of short ones too. They even managed to get a decent northern and a ton of giant perch from the area before we called the day.

Although today’s start didn’t pan out exactly as I had hoped, our finish was definitely better. I had moved to an area that was holding a lot of fish by the looks of the sonar and they had caught quite a few from it. Tomorrow we will be back out again, but hitting a different lake instead. Hopefully the bite will be strong from the start and the weather will hold off long enough for us to be able to fish. Giant winds are forecasted and we will be limited to the areas we are able to fish. We’re all crossing our fingers that it works out!