Today I decided to fish with my brother as I had the day off and he needed a break from work. We hit the water leisurely around 8:30 in search of bass. Big bass to be exact! I set him up with a blade bait and we began covering water, looking for a beast. Many casts later and not expecting anything, Mike got crushed by a good one. We’re still not sure what happened but it went to the air and threw the hooks immediately after. To make matters worse, it was the one he was looking for! With only having one good bite in the water we had covered, I decided to change locations & technique.

I pulled into another area and had him work it slowly, looking for the inactive fish. It didn’t take long before he got bit and was landing decent sized fish. He may have lost plenty but once he understood the technique, he began to boat more than he lost. He hooked into so many that I decided to fish as well. Big mistake as I nailed a bunch of the ones he had hoped to catch. Not a problem as I knew where there were more!

I shifted locations and worked specific areas allowing him to cover the best water and it finally happened. He hooked into what looked like an absolute monster and was sure it was his personal best. I needed to get this one in the boat and actually went after it, in the current. When I got a chance with the net, I took it and the fish was his. It was definitely bigger than any bass he had ever caught and well worth several pics before being released. We headed back to where he had hooked into his fish and covered the area more thoroughly. Plenty more fish were landed and some of them came close to his previous PB. Along with the great fishing were many good laughs. So much so that we actually lost track of the time. Before we knew it, it was almost 4:00 and time to go. I wanted to try one more area and technique before we left and spent the last 15 minutes working on getting a couple more fish.

I moved out much deeper and instructed him on what to do here as we moved along. I had a couple of bass on but unfortunately they came unpinned while fighting. Mike got nailed soon after and hooked into something big. Thoughts of another PB entered my mind but when it neared the boat, I realized it was an eye. A good walleye at that! I slid the net under another personal best for him and ended the day. If we had of had more time, I would have tried for a pike or musky in order to give him a slam for the day. Either way, it was a great fish and several pics were shot before releasing it back.

We ended on a high and packed up, heading back to take out. It was nice spending time together while fishing again and catching all the fish we did was just a bonus. I’m sure he won’t forget this one for a while as he boated more quality today than he had all year combined on his own. Good times with family and great fishing was had by all today!