Sam, Steph and Phil joined me today for another incredible, action packed outing! Although we started later than usual, they still got the job done! Steph began the day with the first hookup and the others follow almost immediately. In the beginning, they were having a hard time keeping the fish pinned, but with a little coaching, they started bringing more bass to the net.

The weather wasn’t too hard to take either, with sunshine and 70 plus degrees throughout the day. I wish I had of brought sandals and shorts! Unfortunately I think everyone had the same idea as there were almost as many boats on the water as there was this past weekend. Must have been a whole lot of people calling in sick today!

Our morning, as short as it was, put a great number of big bass in the boat and I thought the afternoon would be even better. Unfortunately, the fish seemed to be short striking baits and many more fish were missed or lost again. They did rally back in the end though and put a beating on them in the last couple of hours. Although everyone managed big fish, it was Sam that won in the end with the two biggest fish of the day.

We finally called the day around 4:00 and headed back to take out. They had wanted to have a great day of fishing and they definitely had that. High numbers and some real quality fish were boated today! With the weather so mild this fall it wouldn’t surprise me if I’m able to stay on the water right into December again this season. Plenty more great days, still ahead!