Rick & Danny were back this morning and we decided to troll for musky as soon as we hit the water. After about an hour or so of looking at a blank screen, I pulled the plug and headed for something that would bite!

We set up on an open water area and despite the winds blowing from the north, we were still able to make it work. A quick demonstration cast with a drop shot for Danny had me locked up immediately. Time to go to work! I gave Rick a jig and set it up on a rod that he had brought and the two of them started to cover the water. For the next several hours, plenty of walleye were landed with most of them being overs. They did manage to put a few keepers in the livewell though that would be on the menu tonight. After getting their fill of the eyes, we made another move in search of some smallies.

Our next location was a current break that let me use the new electric motor again. It’s a pleasure to be able to set the anchor on when I get to where I want to be and focus all my attention on what everyone is doing. I once again made a demonstration cast for Danny and locked up immediately! It’s just that simple! Although it wasn’t what we were looking for, it was a keeper walleye and joined the others in the well. Danny continued hooking and landing fish but Rick wasn’t having as much luck and struggled to get bit. A few nice smallies came to net along with several more walleye but all were from Danny in the back of the boat. We remained here until Danny was no longer hooking fish and headed to another place soon after.

I decided to make a long run while we ate lunch and stopped on a shallower area looking for aggressive bass. Soft plastics were used here to entice some decent smallies but they were few & far between! I covered a lot of area with limited fish being landed, along with several missed strikes. In the end, we moved a little deeper and they casted jigs to pick up a couple more fish. Time for another move!

The last spot was another open water area that was loaded but unfortunately the winds had stopped completely. The lake was a total mirror and the fish were pressed to the bottom, not moving. We did manage to get several strikes and land a few more fish but it was definitely a grind. By 3:30 we were contemplating leaving and after another 15 minutes, pulled the plug on the day.

Plenty of chances were had by everyone today but the walleye were the better fish caught. A number of larger overs were landed with several smaller keepers for their dinner tonight. Despite the summer weather in October, we still managed to catch enough fish to make this day great! If all the fish missed had of stayed pinned, it would have been incredible. But that’s fishing, I guess!