Rick & Danny were in for a great time, catching big fish today! They wanted sturgeon and that’s exactly what we were going to get. We hit the water at 7:30 and headed right to where I hoped they would be and set the lines. Although I was marking them, it took a while before we had our first hit and Danny was finally locked up. Rick had been with me last year and landed plenty, so it was his brother that took the first rod. It may not have been a real monster but the fight was still a great one. Danny couldn’t believe just how hard they fought as he brought a smaller one to the boat. We both wanted him to get a bigger one so Rick decided to let him have the second one as well.

We waited almost 15 minutes for the next fish to hit but this time it was definitely better. Danny reared back and set into dead weight! He now realized what we were talking about as this one made several good runs and hung tight to the bottom the entire battle. Eventually after 5 minutes or more he brought the fish to net and several pics were taken before the release. This fish may not have been giant but it was still quality and Danny’s biggest fish to date. I knew there would be more and reset all the lines anticipating our next bite.

After a couple of small ones, Rick finally got his first big fish to fight. I had picked up a couple of left hand retrieve reels specifically for him and he was loving the fact that he was able to reel on his side. Ten minutes passed before we even caught a glimpse of what he was into and it was definitely larger than all the previous ones landed. I netted his fish and took a few pics before releasing it to the water again. I still don’t know why anyone would kill one of these creatures just to eat it!

The whole day went like the morning with numbers of good fish being caught. They got to battle lots of fish, both small and big but unfortunately no real monsters were landed. Despite this however, they both had a great time and some incredible fights catching sturgeon. Tomorrow we will be back out but looking for other species instead. Bass, walleye and a possible musky will be on the list and with any luck, all three will be landed. The first two won’t be a problem and we’re crossing our fingers on the third. Only time will tell!