Connie, her husband Rich and their two children, Sandra & Gavin were with me this afternoon. They were in from Ottawa and wanting to catch any type of fish. They were about to do just that and piles of them too!

We hit the water about noon and I headed directly to where I ended the morning trip with John. I had left the fish biting and was hoping they were still eager to eat! It didn’t take long to realize that they were here and they were still biting as we immediately had a triple. Gavin was the only one that didn’t lock up but that was alright. There were tons of fish marking and I knew it was only a matter of time. With each drift we made, multiple fish were landed and even more missed or lost. Gavin however still wasn’t on the board and beginning to feel left out. He was obviously waiting for a bigger fish because when he finally hooked one, it turned out to be a nice keeper walleye. They had hoped to bring a few fish home and this was definitely one they would be taking.

I moved around throughout the afternoon, looking for active fish and hit them everywhere we stopped. Everyone was having a great time and catching tons of fish in the process. Both Gavin & his sister Sandra managed to get some good sized northerns as well in the deep water, as an added bonus. Connie seemed plagued with the day care fish but eventually contributed to the livewell with a nice keeper near the end. We called it a day at 4:30 after the last good keeper eye and headed back to the launch to take out.

I don’t think they had expected this much action today with everyone catching so many fish. In fact, they didn’t even bring a cooler to take some of them home, after their last fishing trip. Today was a different experience all together! They had landed high numbers of fish and we culled through some of them to be able to take home a limit of nice walleye. They would be eating fresh fish tonight and remembering their great day of fishing, here in Montreal. Who could ask for anything more!