Lou & Stephen were with me this morning and I hoped for a repeat of yesterday. The conditions were quite similar but the winds were a little lighter when we headed out. Overcast skies and a cold east wind made it feel like the arrival of fall was already here! They were happy to head for notherns with the conditions not right to drift in current, so we set the lines and trolled. It started a little slow, but I soon found the right zone and the reels began to fire. One side of the boat was going off much more than the other and I think at one point, Lou was up 6 to 1 on Stephen. He joked about selling his side and with each fish caught, the price increased. Color was definitely making the difference in these gloomy conditions! As I wanted them to catch as many fish as possible today, we kept at it for most of the morning. Ironically when the sun finally came out, both sides of the boat were firing and the numbers were definitely climbing. I think they were just happy to be having all this action! I was actually surprised that we didn’t hook any walleye though, as I always get a few overs mixed in. The bite lasted right past noon with very little down time and I took advantage of it as long as I could. Once the winds layed down and the bugs got bad, I pulled the plug and we headed elsewhere to cast for smallies. This was obviously a good move as they hooked into fish on each & every spot. I had every intention of spending some time drop shotting deeper water when the winds layed down, but the bite was too good to move. For the remainder of the day, they casted soft plastics and put a beating on the bass. The action was non stop as both of them landed plenty of good fish. Shortly before 4:00, we called it and headed back to the ramp. They couldn’t have had a nicer day on the water with the conditions we were dealt. Being from Atlanta, Lou was just happy not to have 100 degrees today. They both got to fish in comfortable conditions and catch all kinds of fish. They definitely left feeling fulfilled with the results from their fishing day!