Today I had 4 people scheduled for an afternoon trip, so I hit the water before 8, searching for other areas to fish. Although I have plenty of places, I’m always looking for more. The fish have been constantly on the move and here today, gone tomorrow! With only one body in the boat that meant only one rod out. Tough way to search open water, but I made it work. I went back looking for sturgeon once again and could only find them in suspension. Difficult to catch when they’re not on the bottom feeding! I trolled for a while after and managed to pick up pike, bass & walleye that were scattered all over the water. No real pattern there! Time flies when you’re looking and before I knew it, it was almost 11:30 and time for the pick up.

Gabe & Ben arrived when I did but Nick & George took a little longer. In fact, they didn’t get there until noon, cutting into their fishing time. It was a real scorcher of a day and with almost no wind, I decided a troll under the cover was the way to go. We headed to an area that had plenty of fish and set the lines. Or so I thought! Although the first reel did fire quickly, it took a while for the second one to go. I was covering water and not getting bit. Not being use to this, I changed up baits multiple times and depths as well. We picked at the pike but the walleye eluded us. After a couple of hours of smaller than usual northerns, I figured we’d change up and do a little deep water drop shotting. Unfortunately, Mother Nature had other ideas for us. On route to the area, I saw a storm system pushing in. This alone wouldn’t have been a problem, but I also saw lightning! I immediately headed back to the dock to wait out the storm. According to the radar, it should have moved through in about 30 minutes or so. Unfortunately there was another larger system behind it that brought torrential rain and caused us to call the day. Although we waited on shore for about 45 minutes, I eventually had to bite the bullet and put the boat on the trailer. Half days are already short but half of a half is really short! It’s too bad that the weather changed so quickly because with 4 lines in the water, I’m sure they all would have caught drop shotting the deep.We will get back out soon and hopefully the next time it won’t be for only a couple of hours. With any luck they will experience the sturgeon bite again like they did in the past. If not, at least a better day than they had today! Mother Nature Sucks!