Chuck & Linda were with me today for another action packed outing! They were in from Louisiana and wanted to catch some Canadian fish. They definitely did, and it didn’t take long to hook up on their first one. We were drifting in big waves while drop shotting and Chuck locked up on a really nice bass. This was his first northern smallie but it wasn’t going to be his last. Soon after, Linda also managed to set into one of her own and it was game on. These winds made standing a little difficult but the fishing was definitely on fire. Each drift yielded multiple fish and they had a good mix going on. Bass, walleye, pike, perch and even a sauger managed to come aboard. They had taken a trip on Lake Eerie a few days earlier and Mother Nature shut them down with big winds, not allowing them to catch anything. Today however, they were making up for it! It was payback time and they were getting even! For most of the morning they just pounded on the fish, catching one after the other. The winds even laid down a bit allowing them to actually stand while fighting most of their fish. They were definitely in their glory fighting one after the other. They even managed a couple of doubles that made for great pics! All good things must come to an end and this was no exception. Eventually the bite died and we were forced to relocate to another area of the lake and start all over.

Trolling was up next and I was about to show them something they had never seen before. As I readied the rods I explained what would happen and now they were trying something totally different. This wasn’t anything that they had ever done and they were anxious to see it in action. With lines in, I began covering water and right on cue, a reel fired. Chuck was officially sold as he began to battle the first northern on the troll. There were many more to come too! As fast as I released the fish, another reel screamed and he was beginning to see just why this was so effective. Fish after fish were ripping lines and they were catching one after the other. I really wanted to get them into a big eye and covered all the right stuff trying to make it happen. At one point, he did have a really good one on the line that we all saw, but somehow it came unpinned right beside the boat. We reset the line and continued our quest for another and after several more pike, he did manage to bring a nice one aboard. Although not as big as the previous one, it was still quality and made for a great pic. We continued catching plenty more pike before eventually pulling the plug and returning for bass.

I relocated once again but this time they were casting baits over shoals and Chuck got right back in the game. Several decent smallies were hooked into and one of them was a really good one worthy of another pic. Linda had a few hits, but for some reason wasn’t able to hook up. I had every intention of returning to drop shot at the end of the day but unfortunately it was cut a little short by the weather. We could see a storm system moving in and had to make a run back to the dock through a downpour, in order to miss it. We were greeted with sunshine on the other side and I knew it was the right decision!

There was no lack of fish today as they both managed to catch a boatload of quality. They even had enough walleye for a great dinner tonight! They were camping nearby and would be dining on some great eating walleye after a tremendous day of fishing. Something tells me that I might be seeing them again this year as talk of a return trip in September was mentioned. They would come back for another multi species day and a shot at some of those giant sturgeon. One thing for sure, there are plenty of memories from today along with a ton of pics to give them the incentive. Great times were had by all today!