Christine had contacted me a while back for fishing with her husband. They were on their honeymoon had been travelling to a bunch of places, including Montreal to fish. We weren’t sure about the weather but headed out regardless shortly after 7:00 A.M. in very overcast conditions. Originally there was a good chance of thunder storms but we got lucky with only a heavy downpour mid morning. It sure was nice to raise the roof during the worst of the storm!

We struggled at the start trying to dropshot with wind against current, but managed several nice fish regardless. Evan had taken a few smaiiles along with a couple of small walleye and Christine had as well. I wasn’t feeling good about this area due to the conditions and decided to try another place nearby. It was about the same with terrible movement and after several more bass, we shifted gears completely. I decided to have them both cast shallower shoals and it didn’t take long. Evan wanted to try a Japanese twitch bait that he had success on in the past and apparently the fish here liked it too! Several good bass were landed and many others lost in the next hour or so. It was right around this time that we got crushed by heavy rain and the cover went up just in time. Although it didn’t last long, it was still needed as both Christine and Evan had only a light rain jacket and would have gotten soaked. Once this system passed I thought we’d change it up completely and try a little trolling. For the next couple of hours, plenty of fish came aboard. Although mostly pike, there were a couple of good eyes landed as well. Ironically the sun was now shining and it was getting quite warm out too. The winds were still out of the east but had dropped down considerably and I decided to give the deep another try. We went back to drop shotting an area and I quickly realized it hadn’t changed much. There was no movement and we were forced to cast the rigs instead of drifting. A few small fish were landed and I moved on once again. I headed to somewhere that usually has a little bit more current but the wind was out of the east and moving us sideways. I had to get on the electric just to keep us vertical and it wasn’t easy. Although they did have several bites, most of the fish were missed. They did however manage to get a couple of nice bass before we ended the day.

We had been dealt all kinds of different conditions today but managed to overcome the challenges, successfully. I would have preferred a little more wind from the right direction, but that wasn’t to be! Light winds from the east were enough to stall the boat almost like we were anchored. By trolling and casting different baits over many areas, they managed to land a bunch of good fish and have a great day. The cover during the rain was just a bonus, but we were sure glad to have it! Overall a pretty good day!