Steve, Andy & Paul joined me this morning for a half day trip. The conditions were horrible to do what I had hoped but we gave it a try regardless. It didn’t take long to realize that wind against current was not going to allow us the drop shot drift that I needed. Time to go to plan “B” once again! I headed elsewhere and opted for a troll instead. With 4 lines in, I knew we would have more action than we had at the start. Within 3 minutes, reels were firing and we spent about an hour pounding on the northerns before switching to a casting bite. I prepped the other rods with soft plastics and we headed to a bass area a little further away. With a few quick instructions, Andy locked up on the first good brownie. The action was great with many fish being hooked by everyone. They enjoyed the hard fighting smallmouth and we stayed in this one area for the remainder of the morning. Although there were many fish missed and lost during the battle, they still managed to bring to net over half. We ended the day with a few more quality bass before returning to the dock.

Despite another curve ball from the old reliable biotch, “Mother Nature”, we still pulled off a win. A few minor adjustments had them into fish pretty much all morning, Although they enjoyed catching plenty of pike, it was the raw power of the smallmouth that liked the best. Pound for pound there’s not a stronger fighting freshwater fish around. Who wouldn’t love catching them all day long!