Nathan & his son Drew hit the water with me this morning a little later than usual. We met at 8:00 and immediately went to an area to drop shot. For the first time this year, I knew exactly where I was going long before I arrived! A light wind from the SW made our drifts just about perfect and Nathan was locked up on the first one. He landed a nice smallie and another almost right after. Drew was having a little difficulty getting use to this method but rebounded fairly quickly with fish of his own. They were now into both bass and small eyes and multiple fish on each drift was becoming the norm. At one point, they doubled up and Drew had a monster on the line. His dad landed a nice bass while I focussed on whatever Drew was fighting. I really didn’t know what to expect and thought it might be another small musky, until I got a visual. Turns out he had been battling a huge freshwater drum or sheephead! This thing was a beast and made for some great pics before being released. We made several more drifts and they landed a pile more fish before relocating when the wind shifted south. I headed over to an area to see if I could get them into some sturgeon but unfortunately I never even dropped anchor. The bottom was void of the fish but there were plenty suspended. We moved out quickly and made a run to another part of the lake to troll.

With lines in, I began covering water in search of some good walleye but came up empty. Another move had me setting the first reel without even being able to drop the second line in the water, before it screamed. Although it was the right species, it was the wrong size. A typical over had to be released after a couple of pics and we carried on. Many pike were landed and another over walleye in a short period and I decided to go somewhere else to cast up some bass. It was difficult to find areas to fish today. Everywhere I went, there was a boat already fishing either on or near the spot. I finally settled in one place and they landed several nice smallies before moving again. As the day was drawing close to the end, I headed to open water to resume what we had began the day with. We decided to go back to the drop shot and in the last hour or so, managed to land another half dozen or more fish.

I had covered plenty of water today and they had fished several techniques to land all their fish. Drew had also managed to acquire his first “Grand Slam” consisting of; bass, pike, walleye and of course the drum! I even think he had out fished his father which I’ve heard, happens often. Either way, they both had a great time and reeled in a good number of fish throughout the day. They left a little tired but absolutely fulfilled with the outcome of this day. I can’t wait to get them back out again!