This year I have had the pleasure of taking out many families with their kids and today I did it once again. Flora brought her three children as well as her husband for an action packed morning of fishing. With this many bodies in the boat, there was really only one safe method for catching fish and it was to troll. We headed on the water shortly after 7:00 and directly to an area that would surely keep everyone interested. Pike was the targeted fish and with any luck, a few walleye as well. With lines in, I began the search for these toothy creatures and it didn’t take long to find them. The first reel fired in about 5 minutes or less and it was game on! For well over three hours, the children landed so many fish that the parents even had a few turns. I had found an area that was loaded with exactly what I had hoped for and the action was non stop. One fish after another with very little down time in between. There were plenty of doubles and even one triple header that got the adrenaline pumping in everyone! Although most of these fish were pike, it was a great fish for the kids to fight and made for loads of fun. I knew they weren’t keeping any of these fish and were looking to take one walleye home so I slid into an area that was sure to get them dinner. Almost immediately one of the reels fired and it was exactly what I expected. A perfect high end keeper was boated and placed in the livewell for the kids to view. In fact they also landed another one not long after and it too went into the tank. We continued landing pike for a while longer, but once the wind died, moved to another area in hopes of a few more walleye too.

The long run felt good and it got rid of all those pesky midge that had gathered where we previously were. Unfortunately we were now in an area now that had tons of floating weeds and a new batch of those little bugs to contend with. I would now have to monitor the rods more often and clean the lines if we were going to get bit. This last area was fished for about 45 minutes with only one hard rip that ended in disappointment and we were done.

The morning had passed by so fast with all the fish they had caught and before we knew it, it was over. I don’t think they could have ever imagined a fishing day filled with so many incredible moments. Flora had taken all kinds of videos and pics that they will be able to relive it over & over again. Great kids and great times were had by everyone today. All but the fish of course! I think they’ll be talking about this day for quite a while too!