A few weeks back I had an online booking for a trip to a lake that I love to fish. I use to spend 3 to 5 weeks, early in the season, targeting trout & salmon & was anxious to get back. Unfortunately it was going to be a day road trip and a long one at that! I awoke at 3:30 and was rolling before 5 in order to hook up by 7. I had viewed their property for decades from the water and today I was going to see it from the shore. It was even more impressive from land! Eric and his family have multiple properties on the lake including one beautiful house on a large private island. Ironically, their boathouse had served as a shelter for me many, many times in the years past!

Eric was interested in learning techniques and I had no problem showing him what he needed in order to catch fish from this lake. Although the water temps were close to 60 degrees, I was sure we could get bit, trolling with fly rods. They had a bunch of people that wanted to come out and we did it in groups throughout the day. In fact, after lunch one of their boats shuttled the others out to us, miles from where we started. Quite the set up to say the least! I believe they have about 6 motor boats at their disposal as well as many canoes and kayaks!

I covered plenty of water looking for colder temps for a change and when I found it, fish were caught. In fact they even caught their very first lake trout ever from this lake. There were lots of fish landed today and almost all of them were taken on the fly. Although I did run downriggers for a little while over deep water, we didn’t spend too much time as the fly rods were working and they preferred this method! Picture perfect weather had us fishing until about 4:30 before I called the dy. After a short run back to their private launch, I packed up for the long trip home. Unfortunately it was an even longer drive as I encountered a flaming vehicle on the dirt road, while leaving. Luckily the people had gotten out before it ignited into an inferno!

Up at 3:30 AM, home by 8:00 PM. Now that’s a long day! It was all worth it though as I got to meet a bunch of great people and fish a lake I consider one of my top 3 favorites. Life is good!