A last minute request yesterday had me travelling to another body of water to fish this morning. Charles had asked me to meet him on a lake that he was camping at and I accepted. I always love new bodies of water! We hit the lake shortly after 7:30 and it didn’t take long to get him in the game. I believe it was on his third cast that he was locked up. A decent largemouth was his reward and it wasn’t going to be the last one either. For the next several hours, he was into plenty more of the green ones and even managed to get a pretty nice smallie mixed in as well. Half days pass by so fast but I wanted to try and see if we could get some more brown ones before it was over. With only about 90 minutes left before we were to call it, I hit a couple of rock shoals and sure enough, he locked up on a beauty. Definitely worth the change up! After landing her several pics were taken before she swam away. A couple more fish were missed on the hook sets after and then we moved to another shoal nearby. It was here that Charles managed to hook into the largest one of the day and it was a tank! He landed her and we shot several more pics before the release. The big smallies were starting to become active and just before we had to call it quits. Charles missed a couple more afterwards and we shifted to one last shoal before it was over. He managed to get another big fish and miss a couple more and we called it a day. Although half days are still good, it makes it difficult to plan how much time you spend in certain areas and on specific fish. The morning just flew by and before we knew it, we were back on land. I don’t think Charles expected the day to be as productive as it was. I know he didn’t expect to tangle with such quality smallmouth bass! We parted ways but not before he talked about another trip this summer, back on local waters. I can’t wait to show him what they have to offer! Great Half Day!!