Who would have thought two months back when this trip was booked that it would turn out like this. You couldn’t have asked for a nicer day! Denis, Bob & Terry experienced flat calm conditions and a really smooth ride to where we started. It was a long run with the ramp still closed but at least it wasn’t hell like I’m use to. We set up and started trolling in 53 degree water and managed to pick at the fish pretty steadily throughout the morning. It was so calm that the Dog Pecker Knats were out in full force, for the first time this year! Early in the afternoon I decided to make another long run to a place in hopes of finding warmer water. With the sun shining and no wind, I was able to find considerably warmer temps and this is where the reels really started firing. Numbers of pike and walleye were landed and Bob even got to catch the fish of a lifetime. A visit from a big toothy critter blessed him, but a quick release was had boat side, as it wasn’t in season. Plans of remaining here briefly soon changed when the fish started cooperating. I wanted to hit another area closer to where we launched but you never leave fish to find fish! We stuck it out for the remainder of the afternoon catching plenty more fish and finished with another over walleye before heading back. Despite the overly high, dirty water conditions, the fish cooperated once we found warmer water. Great day with an even greater bunch of guys. Who could ask for anything more!