Extreme high water levels have caused major issues for many home owners this spring. Flooding in low lying areas and waterfront has only benefitted the media! Destruction always makes the news! Roads all over have been closed due to the flooding. Even places like main streets, that should have been far enough from the river are now under water!

With walleye opening soon, trying to locate a launch has become an issue as well. Plenty of ramps on both sides of the lake, are closed due to high water. My regular entry remains blocked, unless you’re “Transport Canada”! Barriers are blocking the drive to the lake, but launching is obviously doable. I don’t understand why they haven’t removed them yet! I’m hoping that they are gone before the end of this week. With any luck, the water will have receded enough, otherwise I will have to travel to take clients fishing.

Despite all these minor headaches, I’m still fortunate not be living close to the flood areas. I feel for everyone dealing with major water damage and possibility of losing their homes! Mother Nature definitely rules!