Despite the lack of posts recently, I have been on the hard water plenty! Last week saw a mix of new panfish spots scouted, with success. Over the weekend, family day had me out again on probably the nicest day ever spent on the ice. Hard to believe it’s only February! We landed a mix of panfish, some really nice northern pike and had another bonus BBQ at lunch. Who doesn’t love sausages on the Bar B? More recon again these last few days and more great results. I just hope the warm weather doesn’t shut us down too quickly. Caution is key with above zero temps coming as well as huge winds. Although there is still plenty of ice, the surface slush will make it difficult to get to those far away places, off the beaten trails. Hopefully there’s more cold ahead to button it up and extend the ice fishing season till the end of March. The best fishing is yet to come!