Despite the chilly minus 18 degrees this morning, I decided to head out & scout a new area, for upcoming clients. Amazingly, the wind was light and this would definitely be in my favor! With the aid of a portable GPS, I was able to locate exactly what I needed and almost immediately, the right fish too! First crappie but not the last! For the next several hours, I managed plenty more panfish and some of them even got invited to dinner! The air may have been cold but the lack of wind and bright sunshine made it quite bearable. In fact, no gloves were needed for the first hour or so. At least until the wind began to blow and then it was back to reality once again. I hung in for a little longer and then decided to pull the plug. It was becoming more & more difficult to enjoy the fishing without a shelter. I had brought along a one person clam but chose not to set it up earlier. By now it was too late as I had already found what I was looking for. Time to hit the road! Hopefully I’ll be back out again soon and locating more areas just like this one. Who knows, maybe even the wind will cooperate, but likely not!