Warren finally made it out with me today for what could very well have been his last outing of this season. With the winds still howling, I was left with very few options as far as where to go. We dropped the boat in shortly after 8:00 and began our fishing. The winds were blowing pretty good from the SW again and made boat control a little tricky. We tried covering water right away and although I was marking fish, they didn’t seem to want to budge. I realized that we were going to have to slow down even more and opted for a drift on the bottom. Sure enough, the first two fish were quality and ate pretty good! It was hard to get the right line and speed but we somehow managed and Warren landed his largest bass of the season on one of the drifts. A little while later, a nice big walleye was also boated from the same area. Things were beginning to look up, or so I thought! As difficult as the winds were , they got even worse when they switched to the west and the waves grew. I really can’t catch a break! We tried a variety of presentations as well as different locations but caught limited fish in the process. I kept trying to fish in the wind but feeling any takes from the fish was growing more & more difficult. Eventually I switched areas and techniques completely and we began catching again. At least I had some control where we were and focussed on deeper water and various break lines. We mixed it up through the afternoon with shallow, mid and deep water but eventually returned to what was working best. For the remainder of the day, we stayed in one small area and covered it thoroughly. There was very little time between hookups and many more quality fish were landed. I don’t usually get into a good bite late in the day but stayed a little longer due to the action. Sometime after 3:30 we called it a day and headed back to the ramp. Today was the third straight day of giant winds and difficult fishing conditions. Despite all that mother nature had thrown at us, we endured her harsh conditions and caught fish. I’ve been able to get into trophies daily, but would love to see less wind sometime just so that people could feel all the bites they’re missing. Crossing my fingers for this week with the warm temps that it will lay down enough to get back in the great walleye bite. Plenty more days ahead and openings for anyone still interested in getting out before the ice arrives. Contact me for available dates!!