Peter was finally with me today after a weather cancellation took him out, just a couple of weeks before. The winds were so big that I had made the decision, not to venture out. Better safe than sorry! Today we would be trying for that elusive, hateful creature and hopefully getting him, his first one. Although it wasn’t raining when we began, the clouds were low and an occasional mist was present. Temps were just over 40 degrees and not expected to climb much higher. The water had also fallen slightly since the last time out and was anywhere between 45 & 47 degrees, depending on location. I started trolling and ran him through the drill on setting lines and waited. We did this for almost 2 hours and unfortunately had only 2 pike to show for our efforts. I decided to switch it up with the heavy cloud cover and we headed for walleye somewhere else. It didn’t take long before we were into our first targeted fish of the day. Peter reeled in a nice 20 incher and into the livewell it went for him to take home. I set back up and another good fish was boated soon after as well that also joined his friend in the well. We covered the area thoroughly catching a few more eyes and a bass and finally shifted to casting a smaller spot. Peter hooked into another decent smallie and we also boated more walleye in the several hours spent here. I thought we would try our luck at trolling a little deeper before leaving and Peter landed several more eyes including a couple of really decent overs. I had wanted to try for musky again and waited until the last couple of hours in our day to begin. We ran to another area further away and set the lines once again. It didn’t take long before the deep one fired and I knew Peter had his first ever musky. Although not large, it was still his first and he was happy. We reset the lines after a quick release and soon after, had another reel scream. Unfortunately by the time Peter had it in his hands, I could see the rod tip vibrating from only the lure. It was gone! We continued our troll for the remainder of the day with only a pike and pulled the plug just before 3:30 when the clouds & mist were making things darker. We had successfully managed to catch both species of fish that we had set out to do and left with a sense of accomplishment. Peter had also checked another species off his bucket list and with any luck, the next time out it will be upgraded too! Great day for fishing!!