After several attempts at getting out with me, Phil was finally able to wet a line this morning. We launched about 7:30 in a pretty big north wind, gusting over 15 knots. We would be fishing in overcast skies for a while along with 2 footers, at least! I set up in the same general area as I had the day before but the wind was blowing us upstream making for a faster troll. At times, I had to shift into neutral, just to slow the boat down! Phil hit a few fish in the first 15 minutes but not the size I was looking for. We kept at it and managed a couple of smallies and one decent walleye after, then pulled the plug when the sun finally came out. The few fish I had been marking disappeared to even deeper water causing us to change up techniques. We drop shotted the deeper edge for a while without even one hit and once again changed it up. I had to relocate due to the winds and eventually got on an area that was loaded. Between jigs and drop shots, we had action for almost 2 hours before returning to the first spot and the troll. The wind had diminished considerably while we were casting but increased again when we started trolling. Just our luck as conditions were almost exactly the same, plus sunshine! A couple of fish later, we were moving on and changing up completely. Big waves from the wind had me thinking of musky and a total change occurred. I made a long run to another area in hopes of a bite or two and prepped everything to troll. We were going to spend the last 90 minutes of our day trying for the “Hateful One” and washing lures. After about 20 minutes of covering water, we checked the lines and found that the long line had something attached. Yuup, we had a small lunge! Scored! We took a couple of pics and released it to grow. I made several passes and we eventually had a reel go off. Unfortunately after one head shake in Phil’s hands, the lure started to vibrate again and it was gone. I told him that it’s never two without three and to get the line back in quickly. Soon after the other reel fired and we were locked. There’s a lot of truth in the three theory and it was true in this case. Phil managed to reel in another small musky and we scored for a second time. Too bad that was all she wrote but not for a lack of trying. We fished for about 30 minutes longer without another touch and called it a day. By grinding it out we had accomplished everything we had set out to do and turned today into another multi species outing. Phil also managed another slam with all the fish he had landed today. There was even a small sturgeon released earlier in the day making it official! Plenty of fish were landed  on this beautiful November day. I just hope the weather holds out a little longer allowing me to fish through the entire month. Who knows, maybe right into December like last season!!