After a few quick texts yesterday, I was able to book up today without a problem. I guess so with temps reaching into the 6o’s forecasted for the day! Scott & John would have a great day catching a bunch of quality fish right from the start. It took Scott about 3 minutes to lock up on a nice eye while on a slow troll. He lost a couple of others when the hooks just pulled out later, but rebounded with more decent fish soon after. John also added a smallie and another good walleye as well and had a couple of missed ones too. Of all the walleye landed, none were of the keeper size this morning! We moved around a bit searching for even bigger ones and eventually shifted to the smallies for a while. Scott definitely had the hot hand as he started pounding on the bass with jigs. He hooked some real nice ones too amongst the school we had found! I think John’s jig was defective as all he managed were weeds! When the action slowed here, I decided to make a run to another area further away and amazingly, it was void of fish. I covered a lot of water and eventually intercepted the fish I was searching for. It was here once again that Scott hit into several nice ones with the largest bass of the day being caught. As I was limited to time, I decided to go back close to where we had found the first school of smallies to see if they were still active. Unfortunately they weren’t but John hooked into another walleye in slightly deeper water. He had broken that long dry spell and things were looking up! They needed to be back at the dock by 2:00 and time was counting down. I headed to another walleye area that I fished the day before, in hopes of hooking more fish. I had done well here yesterday before getting bit off by something toothy near the end. Wouldn’t you know it, John locked up on the very first cast and it was big! He had hooked into what I think had cut my line as he was tight to a lunge! Quite the fight on a light line outfit and a tiny jig! He fought it for almost 5 minutes and circled the boat trying not to get bit off. Eventually I was able to get the larger net under her and brought it aboard. Although not a giant by musky standards, it was a great fish for the tackle being used! We shot several quick pics and released her unharmed. Now the walleye would be able to roam the area once again without the fear of being eaten! In fact, Scott ended the day moments later with the first high end keeper. It too was released and we were on our way. It would have been a shame not to have fished today with the conditions provided by mother nature. We topped out in the low 60’s for air temps and little to no wind, with sunshine all day long. This was definitely the nicest it was going to be for the remainder of the season. I’m pretty sure we’ll pay for it soon but in the meantime, we’ll take it! Overall, a great day to go fishing!!