Rick was back today with Dave and my brother Mike, as well. Dave & Mike had no idea what was in store for them but Rick was ready for a little payback. He had battled all kinds of big fish yesterday, knew exactly how they were going to fight and wanted to watch them get beat up. We rolled away from the dock after 7:30 and headed through an eerie fog in the distance. Fortunately it wasn’t pea soup thick and we were able to run without any danger. I was sure it wouldn’t take long before we were locked up and set the rods in anticipation of a bite. It was determined that my brother would take the first fish as he trash talked Rick the day before. Time for redemption! I don’t think he fully understood just how strong these fish were when I handed him the rod that I had just loaded. We all just sat back and enjoyed the show as he tried to bring the fish in. Many long runs occurred and each time he thought he was gaining, he wasn’t. The fish took everything back out and more! This battle lasted at least 15 minutes before I was able to get the net on her. He was exhausted  and thought it was over. He didn’t realize that the tough part was coming when I had him hold it for the pics. It took everything he had just to get a grip on his catch and lift it up for the shoot. By the time it was all over and he had released his first sturgeon, he was totally exhausted. As well, complaining about how much the left forearm hurt! Dave was to be up next and when I felt the bite, seconds later I was locked and handing off another rod. With a little instruction, he finally got in the groove and thought he was in control. When his fish breached, everyone saw it but me. I was still clearing the area for him to do battle but they were sure it was huge compared to the first one. This fish knocked the crap out of Dave as he struggled to gain line. It just wanted to remain on the bottom wherever she was and took it out further than he reeled in. After 15 minutes he looked like he was actually gaining but it still took another 5 minutes before I officially had her in the net. Relieved, he could finally breathe now! At least until the pic! I knew he wouldn’t be able to stand holding the fish, so I told him to take a seat as we placed the fish in his hands. Several angled shots later, the release was done and she swam away unharmed. I still don’t understand why people kill these creatures to eat! Dave was up net and after a move or two he was locked up and putting on a clinic. He had battled so many on his own yesterday that no instruction was required. He was still taking a beating but at least he knew what to do! He brought to net his fish, after about ten minutes and the photos were taken once more. We reset the lines again and plenty of other fish were caught including a hungry keeper walleye. It was released back just like all the sturgeon as nobody was keeping anything today. Rick and Dave had eaten the walleye last night from Rick’s catch and didn’t need any more! Throughout the remainder of the day, many more sturgeon were landed including an even bigger one for Dave making him the champ of the day. We ended the afternoon with one last giant from Rick around 4:00 and called it quits. Everyone was suffering in exhaustion from all the fights they had from the powerful dinosaurs they landed. All I heard was how sore their backs and arms were. I definitely brought grown men to their knees in pain, battling these monster fish all day! It may take them all a few days to recuperate but not me. I have more people to beat up tomorrow once again and plan on inflicting as much punishment as possible. Plenty more to go around for anyone willing to take the challenge!!