Mike & Cory joined me on this chilly morning for a shot at the elusive ‘Holy Grail”! We launched in a north wind gusting at 15 to 20 knots at times. Add the 36 degree air temps and it felt more like, below freezing! The area I was fishing had the winds hitting from the side and some of the waves were splashing us in the face. Although we endured this suffering for almost two hours, we finally pulled the plug and opted for something catchable. I was pretty sure the bass fishing would be better and Mike happily agreed to go for them! I started shallow and although we had a few fish with plenty of others following, it wasn’t the size I was looking for. I slid out a little deeper and they both began hooking into many more, but landing them was a different story. For some reason, they were losing twice as many as they were landing. Fortunately there were a bunch schooled up and it didn’t seem to matter. We hung in this area for quite a while until they depleted the dumb ones and another move was in order. I tried a shallow place and once again, the fish were small. Back out to deeper water and the big ones were ready to eat. We remained here for the bulk of the afternoon and they caught quite a few quality smallies. With our end nearing and the want for a few fish for the table, we gave the last 45 minutes up in order to try for some eyes. As with the bass, the walleye were getting off more than being landed and it ended up seeming like 3 to 1 in the loss category! Fortunately they did get a limit in the short time spent and would be dining on fish tonight. Overall a pretty good day with the exception of the start and those damn toothy critters! Both Cory and Mike had a great time landing and losing all kinds of bass & walleye and quality ones too! With the overnight temps cooler now, the fishing should begin to pick up and high numbers of big fish will be the norm. The next few weeks should be excellent and I will be on the water almost every day following their movements. With only a few open days left for this month, anyone wanting to experience fall’ s great fishing should get in touch with me before they’re all gone. Many more great days ahead!!