Greg & Andrew were back this morning for round two of the sturgeon Olympics! We left the dock around the same time in similar conditions, hoping for another banner day. The start saw virtually no wind and perfect conditions to anchor up in. We wasted no time getting into the fish as Greg was locked up quickly. It took to the air almost immediately and headed right back to the bottom after. The males are just so powerful with blistering runs and great aerials and this one was no different. Unlike the summer when we can get up to 3 jumps out of the fish, now we’re lucky to get even one. Several minutes later, we took some quick pics, returned the fish and got back in the game. A few smaller fish were caught and our first relocation was already happening. I won’t stay where the little ones live! In fact a little one was even landed as I reeled up one of those damn Goby minnows. It ate the worms and somehow managed to get hooked. Our next location proved to be a good move as Andrew boated a quality fish just minutes after we arrived. In fact, both of them hooked and landed several other good fish throughout the morning and into the afternoon. It’s too bad that there were a few boats in the area keeping the fish they caught. We saw two other boats with fish hanging over the side and that’s just sad! A couple more moves had Andrew & Greg both landing fish again, before we headed back around 2:00 to pick up one of Andrew’s friends. He had just flown in and we were getting him at the dock to fish for the remainder of today. Kevin wasted no time getting there too as we saw him standing by the truck when we arrived. I don’t think he waited more than ten minutes after we had set back up, before he was fighting his very first sturgeon. Although not big, it was his first! The next one was quite a bit larger and beat him up pretty good. Despite the fact that it wasn’t really giant, it was quite a bit bigger than the first one and took a while to bring in. As with all our sturgeon, it was released back unharmed following a couple of pics. We moved to another area after about 15 minutes and Andrew set into something big and passed Kevin the rod. This time he was dealing with one of the larger fish and it nearly took him out. He fought it for almost 5 minutes before the hook just pulled free. A little disappointed, he was also somewhat relieved! It was almost too much for him to handle right out of the gate! We remained in the same area due to the other boats and never got another bite. By 4:00 we were gone! Tomorrow would be another day and all three of them would be back for more. They joined me at a restaurant for dinner and we all shared a few laughs before parting ways. We would hook up again in the morning for another shot at some big sturgeon once again. Kevin would be getting the rod first and hopefully it would be a really big one. I needed to crush him on a monster, but we would have to wait and see!!