Glen, Todd & Tony were with me today in pursuit of the giant one! We rolled out about 7:30 in chilly conditions that saw frost on the boat. A light NW wind wouldn’t be an issue anchoring up this morning! I quickly set the lines when we arrived and the waiting game began. Glen was up first and after moving due to the gobies, we got bit quick. He was into the first fish of the day and it was acting large. These guys all fish the big O, so fighting large fish wasn’t a problem. Glen was just enjoying, battling his first sturgeon and this fight was intense. It took to the air shortly into the battle and Todd somehow managed to capture a great pic. For the rest of the time, it dogged under the boat plenty and never wanted to leave the bottom. Eventually after about 20 minutes and several good runs, he finally brought her to the surface. Yuup, triple XL! I netted his beast and prepped for the pics. He was barely able to lift it on his own and bear hugged his catch. We shot fast and released her immediately after. Great starter fish! Todd was up next and managed to land a juvenile one that took his turn out of the rotation. Poor guy! Tony waited a while before he got his chance but when it came, it too was big. He fought this one for over 10 minutes and also had a great jump captured on film by Todd. Plenty of long, powerful runs later, he brought the fish up enough for us to see. Although not bigger than Glen’s fish earlier, a close second. Instead of the usual tarp for taking fish pics, he decided to lift it out of the net to save time. With a little difficulty, he managed to remove her and we got our pics no problem. More time to fish! She was returned and we were back in the game in just a couple of minutes. The remainder of the day saw several rotations as well as moves to stay on the fish and many more were boated. Glen even managed to land a nice drum in the mix! This day flew by with all the fish & great company and before we knew it, it was time to leave. The weather had started out barely above freezing but warmed up enough to make it quite comfortable in the end. Light NW winds stayed light but switched to a SW sometime in the afternoon giving us a little more heat. Definitely no suffering, except while fighting the fish! We ended the day just about 4:00 & headed to the ramp. They had a long drive back to the Toronto area and would have plenty of time to talk about today, along their way. I’m sure they would be ragging on Todd as he managed to land the three smallest sturgeon of the day. Way to take one for the team Todd! Great day and an even better bunch of guys to spend it with!!