Darren and his brother Mark were back today but this time we had to relocate. The forecasted winds wouldn’t make it possible to fish locally so a road trip was in order. Along with the winds we were expecting quite a bit of rain and that would make it even more pleasant to fish! We hit the water and I was surprised to find that we were the only boat out. I guess the weather had everyone fishing from their couch today! I decided to try shallow and see if there were any active fish and Darren hooked a good one on his second cast. We really thought that they were going to bite but that was the only one shallow for almost an hour. I quickly switched baits and locations after seeing this and they both started boating fish. Although mostly in the mid range, there were a few really good ones in the mix too. Late in the morning we started getting a light sprinkle and visions of dark skies were upon us right after. From that point on, the weather took a roller coaster ride with gusting winds and heavy rain at times. We even put the cover up at one point to try and hide from the downpours! Tough to fish from but a whole lot dryer! I made adjustments and they continued catching fish even during the miserable, wet blow! Later in the afternoon, the rain stopped and the sun even came out for a bit but the winds remained big. Both Darren & his brother caught fish throughout the day but as we got later in the afternoon, they were fewer. By 4:00 after catching a couple more, we pulled the plug and headed back. I could see in the distance the dark skies and knew we were going to get another downpour soon. Fortunately we made it off the water before it arrived and stayed in front of the weather all the way home. Although a little disappointing, they still managed to catch a number of fish and several of them were photo worthy. The best fishing is still ahead with water temps above 60 degrees presently. High number days and trophy catches will be the norm when it drops into the low 50’s, signaling a feeding spree that you don’t want to miss. With only a few days open in October and more in November, I hope to take advantage of the great weather and fish every day that I can. Contact me if you want to experience some of the best bass fishing of the season. Fall is football time and that’s exactly what the smallies will be resembling in the coming weeks. Better fishing days ahead!!