Darren & his brother Mark were with me today for the start of their two day trip. Their annual fishing usually has a third body, but this year they were only two. We hit the water before 7:30 and began trying for sturgeon. A few were landed in the morning before we switched it up and headed elsewhere to target smallies. Once I found them, there were plenty! At one point, Darren was getting hit on about every other cast. Unfortunately, he was losing almost all of them too! Not sure the reason behind this, but it was happening. His brother on the other hand was having difficulty just getting bit! We fished here for a while and although many fish were brought to net, it was a small percentage of what it could have been. I relocated to a few other areas and had some success but it wasn’t until I hit the last spot that they began hammering them once again. This time they were both getting bit and landing about half of the hits. Some of these fish were above average and definitely photo worthy! Darren was once again getting more hits but at least Mark was also hooking up. With limited fishing time remaining in the day, they requested a move for walleye. Off we went to spend the last hour or so in deeper water for the golden one! It didn’t take long before I located what I was looking for and Mark was tight to an over on his first cast. Several more overs as well as keepers came aboard in the time we spent fishing. Now both Darren and Mark had their slam for the day! They had no problem landing these fish and managed to take a few smaller ones home with them for dinner. By 4:15 I called it quits and began packing things up to leave. Darren made one last cast and was locked up once more. It’s always tough to leave fish when they’re biting but we had plans and needed to go. Today was the first of a two day trip and with any luck tomorrow will bring similar results as well. Who knows, maybe it will be even better if the rain & winds predicted hold out. Only time will tell what Mother Nature has in store!!