Today I had a group of 7 in town for a bachelor party and Don once again helped me out with his boat. I offered the four I had the chance at sturgeon fishing and they jumped all over it. As it was Henry getting married, I made sure he came with me to battle some really large fish. We were scheduled for a half day morning but got started shortly after 8, extending it until 1:00. With rain in the forecast, I supplied enough gear so that they could at least stay dry while out. I set up almost immediately, once I arrived and it didn’t take long before Jose was into the first fish of the day. Although smaller than average, it wasn’t to them! This was the first fish he had ever caught and it was a beauty! I netted it and showed him how to hold her for the pics, before a quick release. We resumed fishing and Brian was next with a real monster. He was the only one in the group with experience and did battle with his first sturgeon perfectly. It still took him almost 15 minutes to land her but he did great. This one was definitely huge and although he did struggle somewhat, he held the sturgeon up for several pics. Back she went and back in the lines went. We completed a full rotation twice and everyone landed some great fish. As it was nearing the end, I hoped for a few more and as luck would have it, they were into a double. One smaller one and one giant. Henry had already caught two beasts and he had another one on again! Ten minutes later, he finally brought it close enough for me to net. Their day was over and it was epic! So many big fish were fought and landed by the group in terrible weather conditions. Although one or two of them were cold, they were at least dry as it never stopped raining the entire time we were on the water. This was a great start to their bachelor weekend here in Montreal. I know they have plenty more plans for the rest of their stay, but today definitely got their adrenaline pumping. None of them could have ever imagined catching fish like these let alone the numbers they had in such a short period. They all left tired & sore. My work was done! Great bunch of guys with loads of memories from their Montreal experience!!