A long road trip and a short afternoon of fishing with Don & Andy saw some fast action today. Don caught the largest bass on his second cast signaling that the fish were active. Flat calm waters and high heat & humidity greeted us and the bass were on fire. They both managed to get into some really nice smallies by just covering water with search baits. Oh yeah, some northerns too! We had only gotten started at 3:30 and were under the gun for time as a huge pressure system was about to move in. I wasn’t sure what it was going to do to the fish, but I knew it wouldn’t be good! After several more bass, it finally arrived around 5:30, with high winds. Along with the winds, the air temps started to plummet and we had to start adding layers just to keep warm. In 30 minutes it went from 80 degrees, to 65 degrees! Although the lake was still flat calm, it didn’t take long for the waves to build and by 6:30 we were heading back to take out. The fishing had died completely and I would have had to make major adjustments in order to compensate for the change. It was almost like a light switch had been turned off! We ran back in two & three footers and called it quits. Although only a short time was spent on the water, it was well worth it with the fish that were caught. I wish we could have gotten on a few hours earlier as I know they would have just crushed them before the cold front arrived. We may need to reconsider our options for tomorrow and relocate if the winds and weather remain the same. Only time will tell. Either way, they will have a full day of fishing, with hopefully even better results!!