Giovanni was with me this morning all the way from the land down under! I wanted desperately to hook him up for sturgeon but the winds had gone big overnight and I wasn’t sure if we’d be able to get the anchor to hold. After many attempts at trying in several different locations, we had to go to plan B instead. It just wasn’t happening! We raced over to deep water and I started him out with a drop shot rig while I prepped a few other rods. His first fish was a nice smallie and also his first ever. Being from Australia he had only seen them in magazines and on fishing shows. He couldn’t believe the power they had and was thrilled to finally have one on the line. We shot a bunch of pics and released it back to grow. Giovanni wasn’t into keeping anything until I mentioned to him how good the walleye were. He asked if it would be possible to catch one and I just  laughed! I told him that if he wanted to take a limit home to his sister’s place they could all enjoy a great meal. There were at least 8 mouths to feed and he looked forward to catching his first walleye. It didn’t take long to start getting into them and in no time, there was a limit in the livewell for him to enjoy tonight. I had switched rigs and he was tossing something else and getting plenty of bites. The hooking up was the tough part in this wind and we had to really pay attention to the light bites. I moved around a lot and switched baits constantly to continue catching fish. this went on until about 2:00 when thoughts of another move back to the sturgeon occurred. The winds had switched slightly to a NW and lightened up slightly. We both agreed and ran over there to finish up the day. Luckily the anchor did hold, but unfortunately we never got bit. The gobies beat up the baits pretty good and even with several moves to get away from them, they still tormented us to death. We pulled the plug before 5:00, a little disappointed but glad of the day we had. One big fish would have been the icing on the cake but the overall success on the bass & walleye was still great. Giovanni left with a couple of new species checked off his list and a limit of walleye for his dinner tonight. I’m sure they’ll all love eating the Walters & wishing they had more!!