Mark, AKA Doc was with me today due to a scheduling error. What was supposed to be a regular musky week with another person, ended with as a mix up in the dates. With plenty of time on his hands and me a couple of free days this week, we hooked up for some big fish action. Although he had caught sturgeon before out west, they weren’t the giants that some of those rivers produce. He was anxious to tangle with a few of these river monsters! We left the dock shortly after 7 and headed to our first stop in hopes of a hookup. With lines set, all we had to do now was wait. The anticipation is half the fun because you really never know just how big the fish will be until you finally get bit. Well, we did just that and Doc was tight to a good starter fish, as I call them! He was now feeling the power of these prehistoric dinosaurs and loving every minute of it. When it finally jumped we saw exactly what he was dealing with and knew what to expect. A long, lean male was what he had and they generally fight the hardest. Their torpedo like shape allows them to maneuver better than the big fat females and battle much harder. He fought it like every big fish he fights and he’s fought plenty over the years all over the world! Eventually he brought it boat side and I was able to get it in the net. There’ll be no skunk in the boat today! I could tell when I lifted the net in the boat that it wasn’t too heavy and Doc posed for several pics before a release.  We went right back at it and not long after he was into another fish. This time however, it was coming in easier and I knew it wasn’t a sturgeon. He had a kitty on the line and a good one at that. A few more pics of the cat, another release and we were back at it once again. The next fish dock reeled down on turned out to be one of those large ones that I had been hoping for. It was all muscle and gave Doc a run for his money. Long, hard pulls and heaviness was what he was dealing with as he tried to bring this thing in. When it finally jumped, it was way out there and he got a great view of his giant. The battle lasted all of 10 minutes with another couple of jumps along the way. As with the first fish, he fought it great and I was able to land it without any problem. He may have ended the fight but the hard part was just about to begin! Now he had the job of holding it for the pictures and that wasn’t going to be easy. Big and slippery were two of the hardest things to deal with, when taking photos. We somehow managed to prop it in his hands and I got a bunch of great shots before launching it back in the water. Exhausted, slimy and a little sore, he was ready for the next one! We had been dealing with flat calm and hot, humid temps so the top had to go up! What a difference when you’re in the shade! I set the lines once again and made a move or two, but wasn’t getting bit. As it was nearing lunch time I decided to give it only a couple more minutes before I’d move again and we’d eat lunch. Well that didn’t happen! Just before noon Doc reared back on what seemed to be a decent fish and the fight was on. This one was larger than the previous one by the way it was pulling and Doc almost got a rude awakening while fighting it. He was pumping it to the boat when it decided to launch itself at us about three feet from the back corner. We both thought it was coming in! After last week’s experience, I really didn’t want another. It sounded directly to the bottom and Doc pumped it back three or four times in a tug of war. Many long runs and another jump, fortunately further from the boat and it was finally tiring. It looked so huge swimming alongside the boat when I netted the monster. Doc had trouble holding the last one but this one was gonna be even worse! I prepped everything and somehow managed to bring it in the boat, with difficulty I might add. I had to give Doc a hand lifting it up and we both had a hard time with the fish being so strong. Once propped, I shot fast as we didn’t know how long we had. The release wasn’t pretty but we got it done and the fish swam off quickly. We really needed a break now and after getting the lines back in, we ate lunch! I was hoping for one more bite and after quite some time, we got it. I think this fish fought the hardest and it never jumped. The battle was long and hard and lasted the longest. This fish may not have been the largest but it was long, lean and another hard fighting male. After a bunch more pics, we agreed to go fish for something smaller. A long run to open water had us on the fish immediately as I instructed Doc on what to do. Once he got the hang of it, he put on a clinic! I wanted him to take a few walleye home for dinner and started fishing with him, but that soon ended. He was boating fish hand over fist and of all sizes. Shortly after 4 we called it and headed to take out. He had landed several huge, hard fighting fish and finished off with dinner fish. He would be dining well tonight! I will be seeing him back tomorrow afternoon as well as Thursday of this week due to openings and hope the fishing is as good. I know he will be anxiously awaiting a return as well. Great day all around!!