Another morning and another “No Show”! Waiting with the boat in the water for someone that never even made it to Montreal drives me crazy. Several texts later I find out he’s still back home, wherever that was and isn’t coming. Claimed someone left me a voice message about a week before telling me he wouldn’t be able to make it. Must have left it with someone else! I never got it! I wasn’t about to waste the day regardless of how pissed off I was and headed out regardless searching for new walleye areas. I also called Christiane and she would be coming to join me shortly too. I did find some really good fish and after about 5 overs, got the call to pick her up at the dock. We headed right back to where I had been fishing and I continued hooking into fish. Christiane was having a difficult time detecting the bites but with a little coaching, she was soon hooking fish. Along with the walleye were many big smallies with most of them tournament caliber. We stayed until about 1:00 and after several limits of walleye were landed, we headed back. I had kept enough for us to take home for dinner. Too bad too because today’s client wanted to take a limit home with him. Definitely his loss! We were on our way back and having fish for dinner! A disappointing but productive & relaxing day on the lake!!