I received an Email a while back for a possible 8 people from Melanie. Today we were one short but it didn’t matter as I had a second boat to share the load. My buddy Mike was with me and it was decided at the start that I was to take the 4 guys and Mike got the 3 women. The guys wanted to fish for sturgeon and the girls just wanted smaller fish. We parted ways and I headed to the area that produced each time out this year. I was sure we could hook up with a few and after marking them, dropped anchor above the arches. I had to try three times before I pulled up and realized that the blade was all bent. When I tried to straighten it, it just snapped from the weld. What a piece of shit! I did have another heavier anchor and had to use it as a backup to secure us. Normally I would have stayed about 15 minutes in one place without a bite and moved to another area. Because of the type of anchor I was using, I was afraid that I wouldn’t be able to hold again and stayed put for almost three hours. We went through a lot of worms here but it was from all the smaller fish and possibly goby minnows. These things were like piranhas! All we managed to get for our troubles were a couple of missed hits and one freshwater drum. I did eventually make one move and was able to get the anchor to hold but the results were still the same. Lots of used worms! With very little time left in the half day outing, I switched gears and went somewhere that I knew we could land some fish. We drop shotted for about 30 minutes and caught  several perch and one good walleye before heading back to the dock to meet the others. I had decided earlier that we were going to go back out for another hour or so and when the others left, we did just that. One hour turned into almost three and they caught em good! There were six overs that had to be tossed back and one under too. They did however manage to take back with them 4 keeper walleye and a half dozen jumbo perch. I can’t tell you how many they missed but it was at least 75%. It didn’t matter though as everyone had a blast and they all caught fish. I think we all lost track of the time during this as it wasn’t until Stephan got a call that we realized it was 3:00. Time to go and back we went! They had a great afternoon after a dismal morning trying for what I thought would be a sure thing. I guess like in life, there’s no guarantees in fishing either!!