Today I had the pleasure of fishing with 3 generations of Robinson’s! Larry, his son Jeff and his grandson Dylan were going to experience some great fishing! The day began flat calm and comfortable air temps were upon us as we headed out looking for a shot at the elusive musky. Despite all our efforts, it wasn’t to happen and I pulled the plug on these creatures in about 90 minutes of lure washing. I wasn’t about to waste the day looking for a possible bite or two and switched gears to something much more reliable. A quick instruction on the soft plastics and it was game on. Dylan & Larry were up front with me and locked up almost immediately. Double header on bass and it was just starting! They both landed several more but Jeff still hadn’t gotten bit yet. It wasn’t until Larry gave up his front spot that he was to finally hook up. It was also a really nice one and everybody was finally on the board. We moved around and more fish were taken but mostly by Dylan. For some reason he was the one with the hot hand, but the others were getting their shots too. Larry managed to land the biggest smallie overall from here, after many others were missed. When we had exhausted all of the possible easy biters, I decided to relocate to another place further away. Along our route with the electric motor, we passed over several sturgeon, smallies and ironically even saw a musky of about 43 inches swimming. To make matters worse, it was only about a couple of hundred yards from where we had trolled earlier. Hateful creatures! Our next stop was a place that I had been to with clients a few days earlier and I hoped it would still be good. The fish were all big here and unfortunately all we ended up getting were sightings as they took to the air and threw the hooks. The five or six fish hooked all managed to get off before coming to the net. Not long after we changed spots again and went to a big flat that was loaded with bass. This was to be our last stop as they were into bass for the remainder of the afternoon. Larry & Jeff were picking at them constantly but it was “Big Bird” that was putting on a clinic with the number of fish he was catching. Dylan was feeling the pain as he wasn’t getting even a single bite for quite a while. The others had slowed down their presentations and the slower approach was working for them. A little fine tuning and a friendly side bet and Dylan would be getting it done. The next fish was worth 5 bucks from each and incentive was apparently what it took for him to land it. Dylan had gone from a long dry spell to making money! His dad Jeff was about to make an impact as well with back to back beasts. We saw a couple of big cruisers and with a little guidance on how to lead them, he managed to catch the largest fish of the day, twice! Several others were landed by each of them before we called it a day. Four o’clock came around pretty quickly and they had dinner reservations at a restaurant nearby. We packed up & headed back to the dock and were on the road before 4:30. I was bringing walleye for them for the appetizer and we met back up before 5:30. The entire day couldn’t have gone better with the beautiful weather, company and great fishing we had. Everyone looked exhausted at dinner, but fulfilled from their outing. I guess you can say that all the stars were aligned today as the three generations got together for a phenomenal day of R & R. Oh yeah the fishing wasn’t bad either!!