Yesterday’s no show of 8 guys in the morning for a half day, was followed by today’s rescheduling due to possible rain showers. Gotta love back to back cancellations! Instead of doing nothing, I did something about it today. Christiane & I headed out by 9:30 to do a little pleasure fishing. We wanted to get a couple of walleye for our dinner and casted for them at the start. Although not terrific, we did manage enough fish to feed the two of us and of course, the cat! The weather was excellent with no rain in sight and practically no wind either. It was absolutely perfect to anchor up for a possible sturgeon bite! I headed to an area further away and once I located the fish, dropped down and set the lines. The damn gobies were relentless and I had to relocate several times before I finally was free of them. It’s impossible to stay in one place lately and keep the baits in long enough to get bit! No wonder the bass don’t hit surface much anymore. They have an all you can eat buffet on the bottom everywhere they go! It took a little while for one of the rods to get bit and I think I woke Christiane up when I hollered, “we’re on”! She took the rod and battled a big fish, by the way it acted. As I was clearing the area to make room for her to fight the fish, it jumped and she saw what she was dealing with. I on the other hand didn’t and had no idea other than the loud splash it made upon re entry. The fight was like usual, tough! These things really are mean and when they’re large, take time to land. This one was no different as it took close to 10 minutes before we even saw it. Although not a real giant, It was still big and beat her up pretty good. I ended the pain when I was able to net the thing and a sigh of relief was had. I don’t think she was ready to hold it for the pics but I wanted some shots regardless. I had to eventually help her lift it and we rested the beast  in her arms for several quick shots. I also had to help her toss it back as her arms were like jelly from the fight. I began to reset the lines and before I could get the second rod in the water, the first one got hit. One lift and we were locked up again! I passed her the rod and just laughed! She on the other hand didn’t find it too amusing. After the fish jumped, I could see her pain. This one was a monster and by the looks of it, was in contention for one of the biggest this season! After the second jump, she begged me to take the rod and I had to comply. There was absolutely no way she would be able to fight two big fish back to back with this one being so large. I never pick up a rod other than to hook up and was ready for the challenge. What I wasn’t ready for however was what was to happen next. I pumped the fish up from the bottom and must have pissed it off at the same time as it tried to take me out. I literally had to jump backwards when it leaped up, hit the motor and landed half in the backwash. I was sure it was coming in the boat but was glad that she slid back into the water. This has been a fear of mine for a while and it nearly happened. You never want one of these things to land in the boat green, as it will trash everything in sight. Including body parts! The battle lasted almost 10 minutes longer and eventually I passed the rod back to Christiane to finish the fight. Almost 5 minutes later, we were finally starting to see signs of fatigue with plenty of air bubbles rising to the surface. Not long after, it was in the net and ready for the pics. This one was almost twice the weight of the first one and I had difficulty hoisting it aboard. I knew I was going to have to lift it with her help and between the two of us, we finally got it done. I shot fast as she didn’t know how long she would be able to hold this fish. Tossing it back was also difficult but we managed to slide her over the railing and she swam off unharmed. After this, I packed everything up and pulled the plug on sturgeon. In fact, we were heading home as we already had enough fish for dinner. I’m sure that if my client hadn’t cancelled today, he too would have gotten into fish just like these. Possibly even more as I would have stayed out longer and started earlier! All I know is that Christiane benefited from another’s loss by landing yet another giant sturgeon. Tired and satisfied, we called it a day. I wasn’t about to put her through more pain despite the fact that the fish seemed like they were really active. She was happy just to leave on a high and would likely be napping back home shortly after. Another great day despite the not so great weather forecast!!