Miserable conditions yesterday caused a cancellation and I was able to take a road trip to the states with Christiane to stock up on some well needed plastics. This morning I was back on the water with Dominic & his 6 year old son Joseph for a fun filled day. We started out fishing for sturgeon and Dominic got to tangle with two giants. The second one was almost twice the size of the first one and he fought both of them like a well trained veteran! Although not the numbers I was expecting, I was still glad that he did get to play with a couple of them. Watching him lift them up for the pics was quite comical too as I don’t think he realized how hard it was to pick up something that wiggly and slimy. We managed to get several good shots despite the difficulty in holding something that large. Both creatures were released unharmed and bolted right back as fast as they could. By 10:30 I decided that we weren’t going to wait any more and packed up the sturgeon gear to relocate to a walleye zone. I wanted to see the little guy in action and his dad set up his spin cast combo when we arrived. I gave them a drop shot rig and baited his hook with a worm as we were also in a great perch area. His dad got the usual soft plastics and I hoped he would be able to get into a few bass and walleye. Well, Joseph managed to land a couple of perch and then a 5 pound walleye on his set up. It darn near took him overboard during the fight and although I did brace his rod, it was all him! This little guy had just landed a beautiful walleye and likely his largest fish to date. All of this on a five foot spin cast outfit as well. He obviously had a little practice before as I watched him pitch the rig back into the water after we took some pics. Not only was he back in, but he managed to get into a few more walleye and perch all by himself in the remaining time we had. His dad too had changed over to a worm and was also landing walleye and perch right up until the time we were done. The flat calm conditions we had through the day, all of a sudden changed to a good chop from the west creating some white caps. The water had blown up into two footers in less than 20 minutes and looked like they were still increasing. I was glad that we were only out for a half day and pulled the plug about 12:30. We had misty showers in the morning and flat calm conditions and now the sun was out and it was back to blowing again. Quite typical of the conditions this season! I wonder what tomorrow will bring? Dominic & Joseph left the lake with a sense of fulfillment, as they both had caught some of the biggest fish of their lives and in only a half day of fishing. Who could ask for anything more!!