Andre was back this morning, after his great trip last week, looking for more! We started at 10:00 because a friend of his would be joining us this afternoon and scheduled our finish for 7:00 this evening instead. Although the lake had a good blow early, it flattened out to virtually nothing for the remainder of the day and became scorching hot in the process. I dropped the lines in the water where I had fished only a few days before with success and hoped for similar results. We weren’t fortunate enough to get the walleye that I wanted, but there were a couple of quality smallies and some decent northerns boated from here. I searched elsewhere for a bit and eventually found what I was looking for when three high end keepers came aboard. Andre’s friend would be wanting to bring some fish home tonight, so we livewelled them for him. He now had a head start on his limit! Several more pike and smallies were landed from this area and others nearby before we got the call for Robert’s pick up. It didn’t take long before we were back out and I stopped on another area that I hadn’t fished yet, today. Lines set and three minutes into the troll the first reel fires. Robert is about to witness walleye fishing at its finest! He boats his first good keeper and not long after, another reel goes off. This time however it’s quite a bit larger and would have to be returned due to the slot. Although he considers himself a walleye fisherman, he had never seen techniques like these used to catch the fish. He had also never seen such quality sized fish on average being caught. I think he may have a new trick in his bag for the next time he fishes eyes! We reset the lines and resumed our troll despite all the floating weeds and kept hammering the fish. It was about 50/50 for the size and many of them were released after the pics. The remainder of the trip saw plenty more overs and keepers being landed. We even had a couple of double headers making it a perfect initiation for Robert to experience. Both Andre & Bob enjoyed their day and were amazed at the lack of boat traffic on the water. Weekdays are just so much better than the weekends and I can fish anywhere I want without being bothered. I think I may just have to do it again tomorrow! Back at the dock I think I found the new “Darwin Award” winner!!