A morning booking with Ting, his father and his son had us trolling just after 7:00 and into the first fish moments later. Winds were not very friendly, blowing from the east and gathering all this moss like weed on the lines. Even with the rods under, the lures still needed constant attention to remain clean. I decided quickly to leave the first area and hoped the second place would be better. As luck would have it, the conditions were much better! We spent a few hours moving around and hitting all the key spots. They were rewarded with several keeper walleye and nice overs up to 24 inches. A few smallies and a couple of pike were also landed during this time. I had hoped the fishing to be better but with wind against current and the cold front that we were experiencing, it was tough. It was blowing 15 knots or more with gusts from the east and changed to the NE late in the morning. At this time, I decided to relocate and try something different. We were going casting for smallies! Ting was a knowledgeable angler and had fished back home in Maryland plenty, but his dad & son were pretty new to everything. I showed them how to fish a senko and hoped for the best in this wind. Only a few bass were caught with several others missed, so I tried a few more areas. They were all quite difficult for them to fish with the winds and eventually we went back to trolling instead. With limited time remaining is the already extended day, I managed to put them on another keeper walleye before we called it quits. We had remained on the water a little longer than expected due to the difficult fishing. As I was already there and not booked for the afternoon, it didn’t matter to me anyway! They had caught a bunch of fish and were taking a few of them back with them. Not a banner day, but still great nonetheless!!