Vern was back with me again today on yet another windy outing! We hit the lake before 7:30 and I headed directly to where I had been catching good numbers of quality eyes the week before. I wasn’t sure what to expect with the past few days throwing terrible conditions our way. Well despite the water clarity and mass amounts of torn up weeds floating everywhere, we got bit not long after the lines were wet. In fact, it was almost a double in the livewell, but one was way over the slot. The last time out, we were on sturgeon and cats big time and I hoped to do the same with the walleye today. It wasn’t going to be an easy one with the winds out of the W/NW intensifying throughout the day. Sustained 15 to 20 knots with gusts up to 30 would make this a real challenge! To make matters worse, the fish weren’t hitting well and once again most of them were only bending the rods. We really had to watch the lines to know we had anything! Plenty of them were even getting off by barely being hooked. This lack of aggression went on for most of the morning until I switched up rods and baits. A lighter drag and smaller profile lures had the reels firing good now and many more walleye came to the net. Both overs and slot fish were being landed but only from one small area. It seemed like the fish had set up away from where they were before and dropped off the edge when the wind got big. We were now trying to fish in some quality rollers, with most of them being at least 2 to 3 footers. We endured all this and boated plenty of fish with a few bonuses in the mix. Vern managed to get his slam today with a nice northern and smallie as well. He even caught a few perch rounding off a bunch of species! I know we could have kept catching many more, but by 2:00 it had grown to a point of being uncomfortable and we called it a day. In a little over 6 hours of fishing, he had landed the most walleye he’d ever seen in one day. On top of that, he was taking some of them home to eat! It just doesn’t get any better than that!!