Stephan joined me today for a little bit of everything! We began the day targeting walleye and managed to scratch up a limit, with several others too. The reels weren’t firing well so I had to hammer down again, just to lock them up. This 68 degree water temp needs to climb in order for the fish to become more active. Hopefully a warm trend with no more north winds will cure that! Along with the walleye this morning, we also had plenty of encounters with decent sized northerns. I worked hard at trying to get him into some large eyes but couldn’t seem to find anything over 22 inches. Some days are just like that, I guess! We mixed it up a little in the afternoon by heading into heavy cover, in search of a few green bass. Ever since I brought him into the jungle a few years back, he’s always wanted to go back. Well, today he would get his wish! Once I found the right cover, he began hooking up on some pretty decent largies. Although some of them left him hanging on weed stocks, he fended better than average bringing several of the bigger ones to the boat. Due to the lack of wind in this area, we decided to spend the last bit of the day back in open water. The run there felt great too! I trolled the areas and managed to get him into a few more walleye and northerns before we called it a day. Back at the ramp, I ran into a ton of people due to all the festivities they had for the holiday. Although a little difficult, it was still better than most busy weekends! We pulled out with ease! Despite the heavy traffic on the water today, Stephane still had a great day landing a pile of different fish and even had some to take home. Who could ask for anything better than fresh fish for dinner tonight!