The weather put a delay on today’s outing, causing us to lose the first three hours. Bernard (AKA Vern) joined me after the rain at 10:00, for some real rod bending action. I had mentioned the insane sturgeon & catfish fishing and he was all in for a chance to battle some big fish. I immediately went right back to where I had gotten them over the weekend and was shocked to find that they were no longer there. I covered plenty of water searching for them and had a really difficult time trying to locate anything at all. Everything was running through my mind as to why they had moved until I completely thought it through. It was at that moment that I realized what they had done and went to where I believed they were. Bingo! It was loaded and all I had to do was drop anchor and set up the rods. The first line wasn’t in the water for long before it got bit. I showed Vern what to do with an example and we were locked! I hadn’t even gotten the second rod in and finished baiting it as he fought the fish. It was from this point on that we were on constant fish and we even had a few doubles. Although I had to relocate several times to get back on the fish, I had no problem now that I figured them out. We spent the better part of the day catching all kinds of sturgeon and plenty of channel cats before pulling the plug on them. Vern was hoping to bring a few walleye home for a dinner and I wanted to get him into them before we quit. I ran to an area that was holding and dropped the lines in for a troll. In about an hour or so, we managed to land a dozen or more Walters and he took several home for the table. What had started out as a bad day turned full circle after the foul weather cleared. We were able to get out on a day with almost no boat traffic, unlike the weekend and pound on the fish all day long. To say Vern was a happy camper would be an understatement. He just had the best fishing day of his life! He not only landed hundreds of pounds of sturgeon and cats but was taking one of the best table fish home as well. Definitely a great day on the water. Hopefully there’s plenty more like this ahead!!