After yesterday’s postponement, I had to get back out. Christiane & Michel were my lucky guests and lucky was definitely the word. Although most of the day saw pretty big wind, it was nothing compared to the last few. We hit a new area and as soon as I saw what I was looking for on the sonar, the first reel fired. I could tell by the way it sounded that we were about to have dinner swimming in the livewell. Christiane landed a good keeper walleye and we went right back in, looking for more. In the next 30 minutes, a couple of others managed to join the first one and a bunch of pike were released too. The winds were kicking up pretty good now and looking like we should get bit when another reel started to sing. The heaviness was too great for either of the species we were catching & I knew exactly what Christiane had. Trouble! We reeled in the other lines and I backed the boat up gradually, trying not to fill it from the waves. The first sighting had both of them in awe and I just kept maneuvering the boat throughout the battle. Not having the big net in the boat definitely makes it tough but at the same time, the season for big fish is still a week away. I would have to resort to the Boga Grip in order to retrieve my lure. Although a little tricky, I locked on and my lure was retrieved. I kept the Boga on the lunge and revived her from the fight. It didn’t take long before she was ready and off she went. Christiane was definitely lucky as the line used was only 12 pound test and could have been severed at any time. All went well and definitely no one got hurt! We continued trolling and for the rest of the day, adding more walleye & pike to the numbers. A few more went in the livewell and by 4:00, we pulled the plug and headed back. I had fish to clean and we had “Cajun Walleye” to eat! Michel has been wanting to see or preferably catch a musky for a few years now, but it took him bringing a novice to get it done. Although it could have just as easily been his, Christiane got to the rod first and that’s all she wrote! Either way, they both had a blast and caught plenty of fish on a difficult day. With the water temps still barely above 60 degrees, the fish aren’t exactly aggressive. The bites are terrible and the fight isn’t much better. Hard to believe that I’ve already experienced 70 plus degrees and now it’s back down to 60. I can’t wait for a little more heat just to activate the fish and get back to the high number days that come with this season. Better days ahead, I hope!!