A quick posting had me booked for this afternoon, after a cancellation opened it the day before. I decided to head out early to check new water for future bookings. Too many guides spend part of each day on their clients time, not me! I take advantage of my spare time to locate new water and hopefully, fish. It seemed that what I was looking for was scarce but I did find a couple of places and landed nice walleye in each. I immediately left hoping to come back this afternoon with my guests. Noon came quickly and I met up with Plamen, Milan & his son Antoine right on time. We began in an area for a combination of both pike & walleye but it was the pike that were most abundant. One over walleye and an under were mixed in with the northerns and I decided to move. All morning the winds were substantial but after we arrived and began to troll, they practically died off. Despite the weather forecast for high winds, they lied and we had almost flat calm. So much so that those damn dog pecker knats were in full force. I did manage to find some walleye but we were only able to catch a half dozen or so. I was seeing them on the electronics but they were pressed on the bottom with this wind and didn’t want to move. I tricked a few of them into eating when I switched baits several times. I finally had to leave when everything just died, wind and all. The next few areas had only northerns and one smallie that jumped the hooks after several leaps. At the very end I realized that I was going to have to go back to where all the walleye were showing just to get a last fish. We managed the first walleye within 4 minutes but it was an over. The next fish was also the last and Antonio put another keeper walleye in the well. I had stayed out a little longer just to get that last fish and it was worth the long run to get it. We ended on a high and called it a day. I may not have put them on as many fish as I wanted but the numbers were still up there, despite the lack of wind. They left happy knowing that they had a great day and would be having fresh fish for dinner!!